• Vinod Nair: A decade of dedicated Service


    The Head of IT department, Vinod Nair, completed 10 years of meritorious service with Al-Amthal in December 2014. Many things have changed since he joined the company a decade ago.

    Heading the IT department, Vinod Nair walked with the advancements in technology, playing a crucial role in taking Al-Amthal to its present status of being one of the leading software developers in the Middle East, with distinguished certifications and accreditations.

    Al-Amthal staff and Management congratulated Mr. Vinod in acknowledgment of his priceless contribution made to the company.

    “Vinod has stood with Al-Amthal and we wouldn’t have achieved today’s success but for the support and dedication of such loyal staff like him. We sincerely appreciate the great contribution he has given to the company,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal, on this occasion.

    Photo: (From left Mr. Hani Awachi - CEO of Al-Amthal Group and Mr. Vinod NairHead of IT Department )

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