• Dedicated Employee growing with Al-Amthal


    Devoting ten years of one’s life to the building up of a company is a commendable achievement. That is what Ms. Amal Meshaima has accomplished in Al-Amthal. Ever since she joined the company immediately after completing her industrial training with us on the 18 October 2004, she has put her mind and soul to the job that she has been doing. Now she has become an outstanding professional senior programmer, who contributed substantially to Al-Amthal’s development. The Management of Al-Amthal congratulated and honoured her for her services in the presence of her colleagues. “Ms. Amal has been instrumental in the development of this company and she stands out as a motivating model for any employee,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group, on the occasion.

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